Airbus A350 – Landing Gear System179059464_web

  • Technical assessment on the safety case with compliance to DO178B level A
  • Support for achieving certification

Airbus A350 – DO178B level C UDP stack

  • Redaction of the specification
  • Coding and test

Gulfstream G650 business jet

  • Expertise to achieve DAL A certification
  • Implementation of a gateway gdbserver based on Expect technology
AEROCOTS project  – Advanced Electrical Reliable & Optimized Core Off The Shelf
  • Configuration tools
  • DO178 DAL B certification kit based on a formal verification of the produced configuration


ECUMES project – Requirements engineering in the field of flight control softwarespatial

  • State of the art of requirements engineering
  • Drafting of a guide for requirements engineering applied to flight control software
Flight computing system LVCUGEN – Formal validation of configuration data

  • Formal modeling of configuration data properties
  • Implementation of a platform for data validation
  • Proof of properties expressing the configuration data constraints

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