Highly recommended for development requiring a high level of safety, the benefits of using formal methods are:

  • Better cost-effectiveness : reduction of cost and deadlines
  • An improved quality of the software
  • Software components which are easier to reuse and more reliable

Formal methods allow responding to the needs of critical software certification by ensuring reliability and absence of malfunctions from a system or software. Applications in many industry domains are possible : safety analysis of embedded critical systems, temporal performance evaluation of real-time distributed systems, …

Technique and tools



  • The B Method for the development of critical “correct-by-construction” software
  • Event-B for system modeling and proving them safe
  • SAT-based Model Checking techniques for the verification of reactive systems
  • SCADE, Control-Build or Simulink tools for modeling of command-control systems
  • Techniques for formal validation of critical data


Its expertise is enhanced through the development of specific tools adaptable to customer requirements (Systerel Smart Solver, Systerel IXL Builder, OVADO).


Which technique for which problem?

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