Automatic & interactive analyzer for complex communicating systems

systèmes critiques

Critical systems rely more and more on communications and distributed architectures.
Such architectures generate gigabytes of communication logs per week or even per day.
These logs contain crucial information for commissioning, operation follow up and maintenance.
Monitoring these huge data has turned into a real challenge for industry I&V engineers and transit authorities.

These issues are often misjudged and analysts are still using Excel spreadsheets as their main tool.


Systerel Data Analyzer offers a new approach based on:

  • restoring added value to the system behavior analysis
  • reducing analyzer adaptation development costs


  • Big data approach
  • Quick and intuitive extraction of hidden information
  • Multi-level analysis
  • Definition of common re-usable analyses fostering efficiency between projects
  • QoS improvement monitoring over long period of time
  • Analysis dedicated graphical language


  • Only one user-friendly environment for System Operation Analysts
  • Interactive analysis support with event browsing
  • Display of analysis context on track layout (snapshots integrated in reports)
  • Automatic Log Import from remote servers


  • Log import specifics handled by a plugin-based architecture
  • Conditions defining events described by a graphical language



Analyst time entirely dedicated to analysis of reports thanks to:

  • Automatic logs download & import
  • Automatic analysis computation
  • Interactive analysis capacity

Systerel Data Analyzer is capable of reconstructing the system behavior on several months depending on the log capacity.

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