Systerel has been developing and capitalizing knowledge and expertise in the field of railway transportation (trains, subways, trams) covering:

  • Wayside equipment for signaling, interlocking and control systems
  • On-board equipment embedded in locomotives and railroad cars
  • Test and maintenance equipment used during study, integration or operation phases

Our engineering focuses mainly on the activities around safety-critical systems, such as ERTMS, CBTC, interlocking (PMI, PAI, PIPC), speed control (typically KVB or TVM), various versions of Coders or LEU Euro-beacon, DMI, ERTMS, …

Systerel provides solutions for all the different stages of development, from system study to deployment: specification, development, V&V and safety-related studies.

Study and validation of railway systemssystèmes critiques

  • Safety verification of systems: railway Interlocking systems (relay-based and computerized), CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control System), ERTMS (European Railway Traffic Management System) with Systerel Smart Solver.
  • Formal proof of the specification of an interlocking system, modeled with finite-state machines (model checking based tool)
  • Modeling of RATP interlocking principles “Directive 41”
  • Review of critical spectifications of a wayside system (Paris metro line 13)
  • Data preparation activity audit

Data preparation and data verification

As part of its activities in the railway industry, where highly configurable software is key, Systerel has developed an expertise in data preparation and verification.

  • Validation of signaling systems data
  • Validation of CBTC systems data
  • Validation of ERTMS systems data

Systerel provides a tool dedicated to the formal validation of configuration data: OVADO²®

Systerel has notably achieved:

  • The setup of a process and the development of dedicated tools for the data preparation of a CBTC
  • The complete formal validation of a CBTC data system
  • The complete formal validation of a Parisian metro line
  • The development and the GSP of a complete data production line for a wayside equipment

Development of safety-critical software

  • Development of a wayside zone controller for a CBTC based on formal methods – AREVA (SSIL4)
  • Design and realization of a wayside safety-critical software for tram including the management of multi-movement areas –  AREVA – Clermont
  • CLOVIS project (continuous speed control using localization) for the Brussels tram
  • Software (application and drivers) for the safety computing system EVC (ERTMS on-board)
  • Generic and specific software for a DMI ERTMS product line
  • On-board and wayside automatic pilots for the renovation of the Parisian metro OCTYS
  • CBTC odometry: SIL4 embedded software in SCADE
  • Development, integration and validation of the new Siemens train traffic management generation, Trainguard

Dependability studies

Systerel performs dependability studies on signaling products or systems, which are based on iso-functionality compliances (GAME, Globalement Au Moins Équivalent), assessment of the SIL level and its allocation, R&A studies…

  • SIL 4 safety computing system: software RAMS studies
  • Upgrade to ERTMS / ERA 3.2.0 standard of DMI software
  • Generic on-board platform for train protection system (ATP)


  • ERTMS signaling maintenance tool
  • Development and in-service support of a tool for wayside configuration data production
  • Realization of a DMI simulator used for driver training
  • Generic platform for odometry functions: RAMS studies (system risk analysis, software and FPGA risk analysis)
  • Introduction of a process and its associated toolkit for CBTC data preparation
  • Railtrack failure detection algorithm (IRIS)
  • Development of the T2/SIL4 version of the OVADO® tool, dedicated to the formal validation of configuration data (RATP, since 2008)
  • Double chain for the language B to C translator, certified T2/SIL4 level (EN50128)

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