Systerel is one of the leaders in using the B method to develop industrial critical systems.

The B method is a formal method developed by J-R Abrial and is used in the industrial domain to develop complex systems. The B method is widely used in the development of critical software applications in the railway domain by the big players like ALSTOM or Siemens Transportation. Actually, it allows fulfilling the requirements of the norm CENELEC EN 50128 for the development of SIL 4 software.

Development of software applications for railway systems


  • CBTC auto-pilots for metros (ZC, CC, LC, …)
  • speed supervision and control for the SNCF rail network (KVB)
  • balise encoders for ERTMS systems

Systerel has also applied the B method in other security or safety critical domains, e.g., to model an administration interface for secured computer systems.

Training using the B method