Development and evaluation of safety-critical systems account for more than 70% of Systerel’s sales today.

Through its activities, Systerel puts in practice formal methods for software development (B-Method, SCADE + Model Checking, abstract interpretation…) as well as more classical approaches and rigorous processes, in order to achieve the highest level of software quality and integrity.

Knowledge and mastery of:

  • Various constitutives of complex systems (redundancy, distributed systems, real-time computation, networking, MPC8xx-like processors…)
  • Embedded systems, enabling the coverage of a full development cycle and capacity to intervene at the different stages of a layered system (BSP, drivers, APIs, business applications…)
  • Common techniques related to safety-critical and communication systems (software and hardware redundancy, real-time computing, coded safety processor, FSFB/2, authentication techniques…)
  • Advanced techniques for development and evaluation of safety-critical systems (formal methods, B-Method, Model Checking, SCADE…)
  • Norms regarding specific domains, notably CENELEC EN50126, EN50128, EN50129, DO178B, IEC61508, IEC60880, resulting in the mastery of SIL4 developments


The competitiveness of our offer relies on own products fostering team productivity.


Secure and open-source implementation of the OPC-UA protocol

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développement de logiciels critiques

Interlocking formal design solution

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