Application of standards for critical software and systems development

In general, the most critical systems are subject to certification authorities who verify that the requirements of the standards are fulfilled and deliver a certification.

Using formal methods is highly encouraged or even essential for certain standards.

Assistance in standards application

  • Consultancy for the application of standards
  • Development of critical software according to the normative references
  • Safety Cases according to the normative references
  • Evaluation of critical software and assistance for certification according to different normative references
  • Audit to verify the conformity and the application of a standard reference
  • Training (EN 51028 :2011 vs 2001, EN 50128)

Main standards for the domains of Systerel

Because of its expertise in critical systems and software, its research projects and because of its role as active member of IMdR, Systerel is able to conduct software and system development in different sectors with strong normative requirements.

  • ISO 9001, generic standard with a list of organisational requirements for a quality management system
  • IEC 61508, generic standard for safety, on which many of the domain specific standards are based (process industry, machines, nuclear, railway, …)
  • EN 50126 / EN 50128 / EN 50129 (IEC 62278 / IEC 62279 / IEC 62425), specialized and adapted to railway transport
  • EN 50159 (IEC 62280), relative to the transmission safety in the railway domain
  • DO-178 (ED-12)/ DO- 330 / DO-331 / DO-332 / DO-333 for the avionics sector
  • ISO 26262, for the automotive sector