Systerel offers industrial solutions for critical control-command systems based on SCADE development.

scadeSCADE is an integrated development environment from Esterel Technologies / ANSYS for the design of critical systems.
It is based on the Lustre language and allows for generation of Ada or C code.


  • Architecture and interface definition using SCADE components
  • Design and development of components for critical software
  • Code generation and integration of code into existing software
  • Manual verification of SCADE models
  • Automatic verification of SCADE models in the client’s testing environment


  • SCADE Licenses (Suite Advanced Modeler, Suite Model Test Coverage)
  • Team of more than 15 experienced engineers
  • Approved partner of Esterel Technologies / ANSYS

Some reference projects

  • CBTC (Communication Based Train Control)
    • ZC (Zone Controller)
    • CC (Carborne Controller) – ATP (Automatic Train Protection)
    • IOC (Input Output Controller)