Systerel offers expert services for the application of the Ada language (or related tools) for embedded systems development with strong real-time or safety requirements.Ada

Expertise and consulting

  • Migration/porting (Ada 83/95 Ada 05/12, Full Ada Ravenscar…)
  • Code diversification
  • Implementation planning, profiling and optimisation
  • Definition et reprise d’architectures logicielles (refactoring)
  • Definition and resumption of software architectures (refactoring)
  • Mastering of development tools like Gnat Pro, PTC (Aonix), Rational, GreenHills, Tartan
  • ASIS, GtkAda, AWS
  • Methods, tools, integration tasks

Development, tests, maintenance

  • Real-time software
  • BSP, drivers, bindings, specific libraries
  • Protocols, middleware, frameworks
  • Applications (multitasking, code replication …)
  • Specific tools:
    – Code generators (translators, OPS, diversification)
    – Integration ElinOS
    – Ada Debug Console
    – Document generator AdDoc


TMA for software and MCO for systems.

Training and support

Introduction to the Ada 2012 language