Designing solutions to build tomorrow’s critical systems

Systerel is an innovative company already preparing  tomorrow’s solutions. We support the performance and success of our customers in critical software and operational safety by designing advanced solutions which provide significant competitive advantages.

Innovation at Systerel means:

1 – Thinking differently

The initiatives, creativity, and culture of excellence of our engineers encourage the challenge of technical approaches in the field of critical software. This method has been allowing us  to stimulate innovation and to further develop current solutions, as demonstrated by our first tools or products Safe and Secure OPC, OVADO²®, Systerel Smart Solver, and Systerel IXL Builder.

2 – Creating Value

Our teams work in synergy  to obtain an effective  transfer of their research results , thus offering competitive solutions with high added value for our customers.

The R&D works carried out so far have enabled us to strengthen a number of expertises, notably in:

  • Systems Design using Event-B
  • Production and adaptation of modeling and proofing tools to new uses (Systerel Smart Solver)
  • The formal development of subsystems conforming to the new ERTMS standard
  • The fast and light development of IDE

3 – Better innovation through open-mindedness

Innovation  also means working differently and opening up to other cultures to integrate external know-how, expend capacity building and create technological breakthroughs in the embedded software and systems field.

For this purpose, Systerel participates in major French and European collaborative projects promoted by public actors or competitiveness clusters.

4 – Giving the means to succeed

Organization and continuous investments since the creation of Systerel support its innovation process.

  • Technical department to stimulate, materialize and drive innovation
  • More than 15% of the company’s turnover invested in Research & Development
  • The financial aid of the Research Tax Credit of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research