OPC UA ? Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture

OPC UA is a standard overseeing interoperability and data exchange for industrial communications. It provides safe and secure means to connect supervision systems (SCADA), programmable logic controller (PLC), with actuators and field systems.

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Systerel & OPC UA

Through several implementations of the OPC UA technology in an industrial context, Systerel developed a real expertise on the OPC UA standard.

– Member of the OPC Foundation

– Member of OPC France Group (GIMELEC)

– OPC UA validation and certification tests incorporated in the continuous integration process

– A member of Systerel listed as an expert for OPC UA technology by the OPC Foundation in all categories (Information Modeling, Application Design, Security Consulting, Training and Implementation Support).

Systerel offers training on OPC UA fundamentals.

OPC UA training

Safe and Secure OPC is today the only “safe & secure” OPC UA implementation on the market with EAL4 + and SIL2 certification capabilities.

Safe & Secure OPC