Systerel assesses software and control-command systems with a high level of safety and integrity.

Assessment activites include the following:

  • assessment of the development process
  • assessment of dependability
  • assessment of software architecture and its impacts on security and availability
  • assessment of safety-critical systems

Systerel offers its customers assistance until approval by the certificate authorities.

In July 2022, Systerel was awarded the EOQA (Expert ou Organisme Qualifié Agréé) ministerial approval related to the safety of automated guideway transit. Systerel can therefore evaluate the safety of these transportation systems, in the field of “Command control and rail signalling” expertise, before submission of the safety case to the STRMTG (Technical Service for Mechanical Lifts and Guided Transport Systems) regulatory authority.


Systerel studies process compliance according to standard requirements:

  • compliance with ISO 9001 quality standard: control of non-conformities, corrective and preventive actions, document management, backup management…
  • compliance with safety standards (IEC61508, EN50126/8/9, …): RAMS, GAME, team independence, life cycle, project management, control of evolutions, qualification plans…

These audits represent our engagement towards continuous improvement. They allow to identify unapplied, incorrectly applied, or unapplicable processes, and raise non-conformities impacting quality and especially safety. They are relevant indicators to measure quality and the aptitude of auditees to comply with critical software requirements.