Interlocking visual edition, animation and simulation

  • Creation of track plans for interlocking (tracks, points, routes, signals…)
  • Animation of wayside equipment though an interactive view
  • Simulate the interlocking using test sequences
  • Export configuration data

Interlocking solution conception

  • Development and implementation of generic signaling principles
  • Development and implementation of specific applications
  • Testing the implementation of the hardware

Proving safety properties of interlocking

  • Generating HLL from various codes implementation
  • Modelling of the railway safety properties
  • Analyze the interlocking model to support the validation

EN 50128 qualification

  • Development and evaluation of critical solution and software
  • Safety cases
  • Development process up to SIL 4 according to EN 50128

Related projects

AMS (Atelier Métier Signalisation)

In partnership with SNCF Réseau and CEA List, Systerel contributes to the development of the AMS (Atelier Métier de Signalisation, i.e. Interlocking Domain IDE), an open-source platform dedicate to the modelling, configuring and formally proving interlocking.

  • Modelling of SNCF signaling principle
  • Configuration of interlocking instance
  • Simulation of interlocking instance
  • Formal proof of interlocking instance and counter-examples animation

Tram Interlocking on PLC

Systerel provides a complete software implementation of a tramway application for PLC target. Using SIL4 compatible COTS PLC, we cover all the process from software specification to certification authority approval.

  • Development process optimization though the use of digital twins
  • Software implementation with IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Automatic tests generation
  • Physical and simulated hybrid test bench
  • Utilization of formal method to validate the implementation

And more…

This list of projects is not exhaustive, contact us to discuss all our projects!