Systerel performs verification and validation activities (V&V) and offers solutions to improve the delay and qualitiy of these interventions.

Systerel also offers turnkey V&V services for safety-critical systems with integrity requirements such as SIL4.


Systerel intervenes at every stage of the software life cyle (planning, requirements, design, tests, integration, validation, maintenance) in order to verifiy that produced deliverables conform to standards and applicable guidelines.

Examples of activities:

  • Writing of the verification plan
  • Review of critical documentation in natural, semi-formal, or formal language
  • Review of critical code (Ada, C, SCADE, B, Java…)
  • Verification of rules regarding specification, conception, coding etc.
  • Verification and analysis of metrics
  • Manual and tool-assisted verifications (Polyspace®, IBM Rational® Logiscope, model checking…)
  • Verification of traceability matrices
  • Unit testing (ATTOL/IBM Rational® Test RealTime…)
  • Formal verification of safety properties


Systerel leads validation activities to ensure that specified requirements, and in particular safety requirements, are satisfied by targeted software.

Examples of activities:

  • Writing of the validation plan
  • Functional testing and black-box testing
  • Performance testing
  • Formal modeling and proof (B-Method, Event-B, SCADE…)
  • System and subsystem validation
  • Data validation


vérification et validation de logiciels et systèmes critiques

Formal verification of systems and software developed in SCADE, C or Ada

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Vérification et Validation de logiciels ou systèmes critiques


Automatic formal validation of critical configuration data

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