Innovative engineering

Systerel has been creating, designing and implementing innovative solutions for more than 20 years in the area of real time and safety critical systems.

Systerel is specialized in critical software and RAMS (Reliability /Availability /Maintainability /Safety).

Its expertise is covering a wide range of skills:

  • Development, verification and validation or software assessment at all safety levels
  • Building of a full safety case up to its approval by a certification authority
  • Related activities: methodology, architectural study, tools, etc.

The source of its competitive differentiation lies in its ability to combine:

  • Key technological expertise (B method, SCADE, Model Checking, Simulink + Design Verifier, Ada, PikeOS)
  • Rigorous development processes that comply with standards (DO178B, CENELEC, CEI61508, MIL-STD, …)
  • RAMS techniques and methods specific to each industry.

The mastery of advanced technologies such as formal approaches, linked to a thorough industrial knowledge (signaling, avionics…), enables SYSTEREL to supply highly innovative and competitive solutions for the benefit of its customers.

In particular, Systerel offers the following solutions:

Leveraging its combined mastery of electronics, software techniques, model-based engineering and dependability, Systerel proposes to its customers a global offer of services from preliminary system studies to serial production of equipment.

Its ability to innovate with a commitment of results makes Systerel a strong partner of leading actors in the railway, aeronautics & space, defense, energy & industry sectors.

The 3 offices of Systerel Group (Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Toulouse) gather more than one hundred engineers.