Solidarity, mutual aid and commitment are important values at Systerel.

All of the company’s employees at all sites are involved on a daily basis in national solidarity initiatives.

My Litte Planet Challenge

Systerel participated in the My Little Planet Challenge for 3 weeks of competition!

On the program: ecological challenges to choose from and share among 15 themes such as biodiversity, waste, solidarity…

Systerel reached the podium in 3rd place out of 42 participating companies with an average of 26 bonus challenges per player!

We are proud to have participated in this challenge with our employees!

It will allow each of us to maintain and develop eco-responsible practices on a daily basis.

Solidarity Races

Systerel employees regularly take part in sporting events, part of the profits of which is donated to research or associations.

In 2022, nearly 40 of our employees illuminated the cities of Paris, Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence during the charity run “Course des Lumières“. The profits collected during this event were donated to the Institut Curie, the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation and the Alzheimer Research Foundation.

In 2019, more than 25 Systerel employees took part in the “Les Bacchantes” solidarity race, part of the profits of which are collected for the benefit of research against prostate cancer.

événement caritatif course des lumières Systerel

Solidarity collections

Systerel is organizes solidarity collections: all employees are mobilizing to help the most deprived by donating clothing, shoes, bags and toys.

Donation on salary

Since 2019, we implemented the donation on salary. Each year, we select an association carrying values to which we are attached. Employees wishing to make a donation are free to decide on the monthly amount they wish to donate and the company tops up with an equivalent amount, in order to double the donations to the association.

In 2020, more than €4,000 was donated to the association “La Voix de l’Enfant“, which works towards access to education and the defense of children’s rights.

We decided to renew our donations to “La Voix de l’Enfant” in 2021 and have donated more than €5,000!

For 2022, we choose to support medical research by donating to the “Institut Curie“, we collected more than €5,000.

In 2023, we are continuing our action by supporting the “France Nature Environnement” association, whose objective is to advance environmental law in France.

La voix de l'enfant
Payroll donation institut Curie
Association France Nature Environnement

Blood donation

Blood donations save lives, that is why Systerel supports employees who commit to this solidarity initiative with the EFS (French Blood Establishment).

Lack of time is often cited as a hindrance to giving, which is why Systerel employees are given the opportunity to take time off during working hours to visit an EFS collection point.


Systerel has been committed for many years to environmental protection. This is why employees are made aware from the moment they arrive at the company of the need to systematically separate daily wastes and to recycle everything that can be recycled, in particular paper, cans, glass, etc.

In addition, we regularly organise the recycling of hardware and furniture through specialised companies.

Currently silver medal winners with Ecovadis, we are making every effort to aim for gold in the very near future.