Since the HLL community kick-off at the end of 2018, HLL-based solution providers have been working together on its evolution and enhancements.

The work aimed at bringing together all the stakeholders towards a shared definition of the next HLL language version.

In that spirit, Systerel was happy to contribute both with its own proposals and with reviewing and challenging its colleagues’ proposals to improving the language for users and safeguarding its customers’ interests with regard to compatibility of the future shared version with the existing post 2.7 HLL.

Why a common language?
A common and standardized HLL language will increase users’ confidence and give them access to more competitive tools and services.

For HLL suppliers, sharing  a common language will preserve the interest of their customers with a multiple vendors offer and will ensure a better dissemination of the language.

Next HLL forum
Now that the technical reconciliation work has been completed, the next step will try and turn the result into a new release of the language specification, shared by community members and published for the benefit of all users.

Next HLL Forum meeting is scheduled on November 21 in Paris!

Learn more about the HLL language

The HLL language is supported and promoted by the Systerel Smart Solver solution, which has been used for several years by many of the major players in rail signaling for the verification of their critical systems.