Our teams will participate in the 9th ABZ International Conference, which will be held in Nancy from May 31 to June 2, 2023.

This year, Systerel will co-organize the workshop for Rodin users and developers.

The Rodin platform is dedicated to event-driven B development, robustly supporting model refinement and mathematical proof.

This workshop will allow Rodin users to share their experiences and better understand current developments. For plug-in developers, it will also be an opportunity to showcase their tools and better coordinate development efforts.

The ABZ conference is dedicated to the mutual enrichment of six formal methods, linked by their state-based and tooled approaches: Abstract State Machines (ASM), Alloy, B, TLA+ (Temporal Logic of Actions), VDM (Vienna Development Method ) and Z.

To find out more about this event: https://abz2023.loria.fr/