The HLL community, which brings together the main promoters, users and tools suppliers of the HLL language, met for the first time last December in Paris.

This first meeting confirmed the interest shown by vendors, operators and academics in this language as a means of expression, verification or formal analysis of the behavior of critical systems. It was an opportunity to exchange not only on current industrial use cases but also on potential language evolutions able to satisfy broader needs: new technical challenges for tool suppliers!

The HLL language is now implemented in the Systerel Smart Solver solution, which has been used for several years by many of the major players in rail signalling for the verification of their critical systems.

During this first forum, Systerel shared its experience as an HLL user, technology provider and active member of various technology communities such as the OPC-UA Foundation. Based on its experience and vision on the potential of HLL language in the industry, Systerel is committed to actively support this new community in the long term. Systerel is proactive in bringing language improvements to HLL, and exchanges this way with the other actors involved to converge towards a shared definition of a new version of HLL.

A next meeting is already planned for the end of the first half of 2019.

Long live the HUG (HLL Users Group)!

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