Systerel has taken part to the latest OPC Interoperability Workshop organized by the OPC foundation from October 22nd to October 26th in Nuremberg (Siemens site).

The main objective of these days, through the various workshops, was to test the interoperability, compliance and reliability of products integrating OPC-UA technology.

Systerel tested its Safe and Secure OPC (S2OPC) product on two types of architecture: a Raspberry Pi device and a railway supervision gateway.

These workshops allowed S2OPC to be compared with other implementations on the market in preparation of its certification by the OPC Foundation.

It was also an opportunity to exchange about the OPC-UA technology with other worldwide experts.

As a member of the OPC Foundation and a member of the board of the OPC-UA France association, Systerel actively contributes to the evolution of the OPC-UA standard.


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