Systerel will participate in the international conference RSSR (Reliability, Safety and Security of Railway Systems) in Paris on June 1st and 2nd.
This conference adresses challenges such as the improvement of railway systems safety, security and reliability, the reduction of production costs, time to market and running costs, the increase of railway systems capacity and reduction of their carbon emissions.

The OVADO²® tool has been used for years for the formal verification of configuration data of railway systems. Thanks to its qualification as a T2 tool, OVADO²® is currently deployed in SIL4 processes compliant with the safety requirements of the CENELEC standard EN50128.
Systerel has co-authored an article with Alstom and RATP on the first use of the OVADO²® tool for the generation of equipment configuration data. The article describes how this innovative use was applied in an industrial context during the deployment of the OCTYS VTPA system by Alstom on line 6 of the Paris metro operated by RATP.

Do not hesitate to participate to this event which will gather industrialists, researchers and academics of the railway sector and to contact us to know more about OVADO²®.

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