Systerel will take part to the workshop « Sound Static Analysis for Security » at the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Maryland (USA) on June 27th and 28th this year.

We will present the advantages of two different formal verification approaches as part of the development of a secure implementation of the OPC-UA protocol: « Mixing formal methods to increase robustness against cyber-attacks »

Systerel, specialist in applying formal methods for the development or the evaluation of safety critical systems, has recently expanded its usage of these methods to cybersecurity through the launch of its product S2OPC: safe and secure and open-source implementation of the OPC-UA protocol.

This two-day workshop is focused on decreasing software security vulnerabilities by several orders of magnitude, using the strong guarantees that only a sound static analysis can provide. The workshop is aimed at developers, managers and evaluators of security-critical projects, as well as researchers in cybersecurity.

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