A few years ago, Systerel marketed its first formal verification engine developed with its equity capital, Systerel Smart Solver (S3), which immediately met with real success compared to market alternatives.

Three years later, Systerel announces a new version of its tool with unrivaled performance.

The various measurements carried out on industrial-scale projects show performance gains in the validation of safety properties that can reach:

– a factor 1000 under certain conditions for CBTC system validations,

– a factor 30 for validations of IXL systems

Thanks to the latest version of Systerel Smart Solver, validation activities that used to take several months to complete can now be done in a few hours.

Knowing that these new performances have been obtained by optimizing processing algorithms and not by parallelizing the code on a multi-core architecture, there is no doubt that the new S3 version of Systerel has real potential to analyze in the future, ever more complex problems, and always faster.

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