Systerel has been developing its own range of tools for the modeling and formal verification of signaling systems for more than a decade. Our Systerel Smart Solver (S3) tool suite is designed to perform formal verification of safety properties.

S3 development has just achieved a key milestone by obtaining a T2 certification for use in a SIL4 development process according to the CENELEC EN50128:2011 standard. This certification will allow S3 users to integrate it into their SIL4 development process, the highest level of criticality.

If this certification attests to the quality of the organization and of the development and V&V work of the tools and of the operating safety studies lead by Systerel, it also provides S3 users with a definite saving on the qualification and T2 justification costs linked to any use of a verification tool in a SIL4 process.

RATP has been one of the first users of the S3 tool suite. Today, it uses it to evaluate the work of its suppliers of critical systems and in the commissioning of its own interlocking products.

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