The introduction of the CENELEC EN 50716 standard marks a pivotal moment for software operational safety in railways!

This new standard will replace the long-standing CENELEC EN 50128 by 2026, after over 20 years in use.

The publication of the EN 50716 standard is representative of the dynamic nature of regulatory frameworks, evolving alongside industry advancements while preserving established practices.

On one hand, it ensures continuity with the EN 50128 standard, maintaining its structure, while incorporating feedback-driven simplifications and enhancements.

On the other hand, it embraces recent technological and procedural advancements, with particular consideration for:

– utilizing iterative life cycles, improving the classic “V” linear life cycle,
– using models and modeling techniques throughout the life cycle, with adjustments to normative requirements,
– addressing the role of Artificial Intelligence, particularly machine learning, within applications subject to strong security constraints, and the associated challenges.

With our extensive expertise in security software development, the experts from Systerel are ready to assist you in navigating the transition to EN 50716 and overcoming its challenges.