The Augsburg-based company Railergy, a specialist supplier of railway system automation, has chosen Systerel to support its activities around the development of automated shunting locomotive for Deutsche Bahn Cargo.

The aim of the project is to design and implement an embedded control command system, to perform automatic driving operations.

This system will be certified to be integrated in a driverless shunting locomotive, to be operating in commercial service at DB Cargo’s München-Nord marshalling yard.

Systerel’s expertise in V&V and operational safety has made it a partner of choice for Railergy:

Systerel is the safety manager for the on-board system developped by Railergy for the shunting locomotive. The objective for these new on-board systems (Automatic Train Protection, Automatic Train Operation and Obstacle Detection) is GoA4, i.e. the achievement of a 100% automated driving.

Systerel is thus in charge of the elaboration of the documents relating to safety in accordance with the CENELEC standards EN50126, EN50128, EN50129 and the European implementing regulation CS-MRA (Common Safety Method Risk Assesment) n°402/2013: writing of the safety plan, carrying out of the safety analyses, elaboration of the safety file, support to the vehicle authorization application.

Systerel also provides its expertise in the validation and verification of critical systems.