France 2030 selects the KICS 2 project

We are proud to announce that KICS2 project has been selected in the context of the France 2030 national plan, which aims to position France among the world leaders in cybersecurity.


Automated software analysis for secure IoT devices with LEIA

As the number of IoT devices increases, so does the amount of IoT-related software. And more software means considerably more vulnerabilities to contend with. The CEA and Systerel are working together to develop a powerful and original smart analysis platform to guarantee the security not only of IoT devices, but also of the software associated with these devices. The research is taking place under the LEIA project, which was awarded funding through the French government’s Grand Défi instrument for technology projects. 

APRIL 2021

Back To Back Testing

In a collaborative approach to innovation, Systerel and their partners, the CEA List and Schneider-Electric, are once againuniting their resources and skill sets on a new project: Back-to-Back Testing B2BT.

JUNE 2018

Closing meeting of the INGOPCS project

Systerel has been congratulated by ANSSI for its hard-working and commitment in leading this project. ANSSI confirm the interest of this secured OPC-UA implementation and encourages all project participants to keep up the good work within new R&D projects.